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Is it worth the fight?

Should I fight my WA State speeding ticket or just pay the fine?

You should absolutely fight it.  We always recommend that you at least take the first step in fighting your ticket and fully preserve all of your legal rights.  Whether you retain an attorney or decide to fight the speeding or traffic ticket yourself, you should always contest your Washington State speeding or traffic ticket.  If you retain our services, we will contest the ticket on your behalf.

First of all, contesting your ticket and requesting a hearing preserves all of your legal rights.  You lose nothing by requesting a contested hearing.  You can always decide to simply plead guilty and pay the fine at a later date.

By requesting a hearing, you are simply exercising your right to have the city, the county, or the state prove its case by a preponderance of the evidence.  Remember, even though you were the one issued the ticket, the burden is on the government to prove that you actually committed the offense.

We fight hundreds of Washington State speeding and traffic tickets every year.  There are many ways to potentially have your case dismissed or to negotiate a resolution that keeps the ticket off your driving record. 

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