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Washington State's Traffic Cams

You will find a lot of great information on this page about the current status of traffic conditions around Seattle, Bellevue, Kirkland, Kent, Renton, Auburn, Tacoma, and Everett.  To learn more about the current traffic conditions in Seattle and Washington State including accident reports, current news and real-time traffic cameras please follow the links below.

1. Arguably the best, most up to date, and most reliable information about Seattle and Washington State Traffic conditions.  This is link will take you directly to the Washington State Department of Transportation Cameras and Current Conditions page.  This site is constantly updated and provides "real time" information regarding road conditions, accidents, traffic jams, and highway construction projects.  It is broken down by region and is very easy to navigate.  If you're not sure where to start your investigation of current road conditions, click here first.

Washington State Department Of Transportation (DOT) Cameras of Current Conditions and Statewide Traveler Information.

2.  Check local traffic anywhere in Washington State based on zip code.  This is an excellent resource for checking general traffic flow and getting specific information regarding local conditions.

Check your Washington State local commute here.

3.  Washington State Department of Transportation Website.  This site is jam packed with great information.  It is frequently updated with detailed reports about traffic and road throughout WA State.

DOT General Website

4.  U.S.  Department of Transportation and Federal Highway Administration.  This site is an excellent "doorway" that provides reliable links to a number of sites containing information about Washington State's roads, weather and traffic.

U.S. DOT Website

5.  These sites are all great references for additional information about Seattle Traffic, including accident reports, real-time cameras and route-specific information.

City of Seattle Traffic Information

Seattle KING-5 Live Traffic

Seattle Beat the Traffic Information

Seattle Iteris Real-Time Traffic

Seattle Yahoo! Traffic

Seattle DOT Cameras and Regional Information

6.  Information about Tacoma, Washington Traffic Conditions.

Tacoma Beat the Traffic Information

7.  Information about Vancouver, Washington Traffic Conditions.

Vancouver Beat the Traffic Information

Seattle KIRO-7 Traffic Information